Wow! Society is moving in the right direction! People want to prototype micro controller projects so much, there is an opportunity for counterfeit merchandise! Hurray!!! LV, Coach and broke fashionistas- Electronics and open source hardware is what’s up!
– Just the optimistic side of things…

Originally posted on MAKE:

Pt 699-1
Pictured above, a counterfeit Arduino

I’m a 15-minute walk from Canal Street, NYC, home of counterfeit everything. Men and women from around the world stand shoulder to shoulder shouting “Looyee-Vatton, DVD, Roll-Ex.” Tourists flock to this location looking for a cheap deal on a knockoff purse or watch — some tourists think they’re real, most just want a deal. When you build a brand that represents something of value, eventually you get knocked off. It’s a form of tax for making something sought after.

In my previous article “Soapbox: The {Unspoken} Rules of Open Source Hardware” I mentioned that we as hardware makers in the community do not knock each other off. It’s a fantastic unspoken rule that has allowed us all to improve and add value, not just copy.

Cloning ain’t cool
If your goal is just to make Arduino clones and not add code or hardware improvements…

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