Class Overview

Class Vision:
This class explores playful experience through interaction design and wireless techniques. Students will look at smart, ambient, ubiquitous, and embedded computing through new and critical perspectives. We explore the cultural artifacts these technologies bring forth, their usefulness and embedded narratives. Students will produce "smart" objects the engages users playfully or into play itself.

Techniques In Focus:

We will narrow the scope of techniques to explore a few in greater depth. The class will work in techniques for "Presence Detection" with IR, Full-Color LED’s, Voice Prompts, and Embedded Intelligence.  The second half of the semester, students will take a self-guided approach to employing the correct wireless technologies for their designs.

About This Class:

You should take this
class if you are interested in learning about the art and craft of
interactive product design.  This is a rapid
prototyping class, you will test your concepts as working prototypes.  Physical computing is a prerequisite for this class.

Making things people play with is not an easy design challenge.  Making
your designs and prototypes withstand user-testing requires a lot of time on your part.  In light of this, this may very likely be your must time consuming class.  But I think you’ll find the work very rewarding as your prototypes begin to live around the home and in your creative portfolio.

Material Costs:
Since we make prototypes the entire
semester this class will ask you to buy a lot of things.  If you’ve
taken physical computing  you probably
have most of the tools already. I will introduce all the tools and
materials in class.  Expect to spend around $100-300 for material cost in
the class, for all your prototyping needs.