General Outline

Part I

Assignment 1
Toy Dissection [Introduction to electronics for mass-market]

Assignment 2
Introduction to Arduino, and
LED and POT Assignment

Assignment 3
Introduction to IR,
IR and LED “Theremin” Assignment

Assignment 4
Introduction to Winbond (Voice chip)
Build Circuit, Record Voice prompts

Assignment 5
Introduction to SPI for Winbond
IR and Voice “Theremin” Assignment

Midterm- Presentation/Installation/Crits

Part II
Design and create a concept that augments the
human experience in some playful way.  Your concept should be context
and user aware. It should be aware when a user is present and what the
user is doing.  It should off-load cognitive, physiological,
meta-physical, and physical load from the user– and in-effect somehow fit [even if sarcastically] into the general evolution of ”labor-saving
devices.”  Projects are highly self-guided but build on concepts in the
first part of the class.

Final- Presentation/Installation/Crits