vMind, RFID and everything else in the world… 

Violet (the people who make the Nabaztag bunny) Has just released Mir:ror, an RFID console of sorts that lets you connect apparently anything you want. I got an email announcement about which I copy and pasted below…they even mention how it can be used to know when you’ve taken your vitamins, etc. So it’s cool to see how our ideas in the class are kinda being implemented in other ways. Here’s the email:


You asked us to let you know when Mir:ror would be available.
Guess what… that’s now!

makes your everyday objects interactive, smart and connected. Simply
affix RFID Ztamps to them and show them to Mir:ror – your keys send
email to tell people you’re back home, your pills knows when you’ve
taken them, your toys play videos for you… There are literally
thousands of uses that you can program through a user-friendly Web