Intro post: Katherine Lee 1.30.09

I am Katherine Lee.
This is a photo of me:


So what brings me here is a story likely both unnecessarily long-drawn and uninteresting. Regardless, a little background on me: I hail from Sandy, Utah, in the burbs of big, bad Salt Lake City. I did my undergrad in Philly at the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied molecular biology and economics. I went on to do a masters in biotechnology. I became a little obsessed with biotech start-ups and all sorts of crazy little seed companies and subsequently went to work for a boutique biotech consulting firm in Boston, focusing on early and seed stage clientele in all sorts of healthcare and medical device technology ventures. From there, I made a bit of a career shift into the financial services industry, doing healthcare investment research for a financial company, which is mostly what I've been doing for the past few years upon stumbling somewhat ungracefully into the MFADT program at Parsons.

As for the foreground, I approach this class with the hope that I can approach computation without trepidation, despite any lack of broadly or finely based understanding of what I'm dealing with. I also really like making things and twiddling around with stuff, fixing things or mashing them together until they either work or refuse to ever work again. The combination of these is attractive.

The following is a toy that I remember loving from childhood, a playhouse based on a Hello Kitty obsession, with little toy candies and things that you can plug into the house (obviously…). So great.