Nick’s Bio


I must have taken this picture right when I to New York, cuz I am really tan. I grew up in Miami, so this winter is my first real winter. I came up with only t shirts, so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. I received my BFA from Florida State University in 2006. I studied graphic design, 3D animation, and suprisingly only a small amount of web. The best classes that I took were with Stuart Robertson for visual effects. Stuart is a badass and his most notable achievement was an Oscar for visual effects in the movie "What Dreams May Come." The film school is top ten in the nation and our class was working on effects for student films. I took it for two semesters and the second semester, my friend and I did the special effects for Stewart McAlpine's MFA thesis film titled "The Caress of the Creature", which was about a gay sea monster. The run time was approximately 20 minutes and there were quite a few visual effects due to the fact that we had to create the illusion of a cave in a boy scout cafeteria with blue and green screens.

After I graduated, a friend introduced me to Flash and I haven't stopped. I became a flash designer/developer at an interactive agency named WA007. I decided to go to Parsons to pursue my own interests and here I am.

My favorite toys growing up were the teenage mutant ninja turtles. My favorite was Donatelo because if you played with him in the video games on NES, his weapon had the furthest reach. Got em.


Oh yeah. I am taking computation because I am tired of making things for pixels only. I want to bring it out into the real world for more interaction.