:::hello, I am cecilia:::

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Hello! My name is Cecilia and I am from the far away land of the llamas. 

I have always had a curiosity for things that are tiny and make sounds. This led me eventually want study to electronic music at Mills College. Yet after taking my first video class, an interest in creating multi sensory experience started to develop.  I eventually branched out and started playing with different materials to create installation work.  I am fascinated with the idea of creating tiny worlds that I can share with others. I often find my self trying to recreate the spaces that evoke feeling of wonder and intimacy that we experienced in childhood when we inhabited a tree house, a fortress made out bed sheets or a secret-garden. Often, these spaces are inhabited by creatures that I make out of fabric, ceramic, wood, yarn or other materials. Technology then gets integrated into my work, as a mean to bring life to these beings. For the last few years I have taught Graphic Design and Video editing and worked on ceramics in my free time.

My interest in been part of this program, and specifically in this class, is to be able to continue to experiment with the form and material of my interfaces and be able to generate simple behaviors for them that can allow them to bring about more playful and meaningful interactions with people.

My favorite toy was Simon game. Colors and sounds. Yeah!!! I liked it so much that last semester I try to recreate.  I never got it to work right 😦
Hopefully Arduino will be kinder with me than the PIC 16F88 was.