Favorite toy? 

Howdy, I think everyone from class has met me already right? I'm the dood that works in the office at the 10th floor lab that always stares at you funny when you walk into the lab -  little do you know you are all part of my evil experiment….j/k. Actually, I am just bored…. 

As you might have guessed im from Texas [Houston].  I got my undergrad from UT Austin in Advertising/Communication.  Freelanced in graphic design for a couple of years, then got into construction. First procurement>scheudling>real estate agent> then finally to developing and marketing.  I felt the next natural & creative progression would be responsive enviromentments [P-compy stuff], and where else better to get schooled and owned at the same time then Parsons? 

At this point I think I would be lying if I didn't say Legos was my favorite childhood toy (Second runner up would be a lighter.  At some point I ran out of things to safely burn without causing funny smells that I would get in trouble for, so I got bored of that quick)  Sure there were a ton of others toys I played with when I was younger, but ultimately legos = workhorse.

1. It gave He-Man something throw bad guys through
2. it gave my Transformers new weapons to stick in their permanently clenched, yet attachable, fists
3. it gave my GI soldiers a battle field
4. it just let me build whatever it was i wanted to build be it a car, crane or crazy thingy do-a-majiggy

In short it allowed me to be creative.

For this class, I would like to understand the limits of using the arduino as a final solution for interactive product development – without thinking about redesigning final product in say PIC chip. Here I am refering to products created in 1-10 units and not mass production.