LED time piece • v02

sorry i can't be in class today, but here now, for your enjoyment is my second iteration of the timepiece.

schematic of the design i devised and then executed:


Here's a photo of the guts of the box; as you can see, the male header pins which have been wire-wrapped, and then hot glued fit quite nicely into the digital pins of the arduino:


no need to compliment my superb wire organization skills. no, really.

finally, here is the piece in action:


I tried to arrange the LEDs in a pattern according to color (yes, believe it or not, they are not randomly spread out over the cardboard backbone you see up there).  My thought was that the color alone would express the progression of time, along with the incrementing light. I think the result would make a good entry into the failblog(.org).  i don't think it works well at all. Aesthetically, i am satisfied, and the sequence still comes through, but it doesn't have the same gravity as when the colors were placed together, in order.

my hilariously ineffective code can be viewed HERE.  yes, i realized a nested for loop could accomplish the final 500 lines in about 10, but that's just my style, OK?! i'll fix this in the next iteration, most definitely.

speaking of my next iteration, i realized after working on this project, that i am BASICALLY re-constructing the same object/aesthetic as i did for my studio final LAST SEMESTER.  a cube, littered with colored LEDs. see what the hell i am talking about.  i have decided that my next iteration will be a completely new enclosure, and will consist of a perfect sphere(s). i'm done with cubes, it will be a very, very long time before i put LEDs into plastic or plexi cubes. this i vow.

a lot more images of the construction

for some reason, vimeo is taking more than 200 minutes to 'convert' the vid. here is the link: