Prototype I – Time :: Kirsten Halterman

In exploring the passage of time, I created a pyramid using different colored LEDs. The pyramid grows from bottom to top with first the orange LEDs, then the green LEDs, and finally, the blue LEDs. Initially, I placed the blue LEDs on the bottom followed by the orange and then red LEDs. After testing, however, I discovered that the brightest LEDs were the blue ones. So, for a more dramatic effect, I placed them on the top. After reaching the top of the pyramid, the blue LEDs blink three times before decending down the pyramid.

The top most point of the pyramid is connected to the “1” hole on the Arduino – this keeps it lit at all times.

Because my experience with code is somewhat limited, I "faked" the speed of the lights to visually make it seem like the rows were blinking together. For example, the two orange LEDs at the bottom of the pyramid are blinking one after another but the speed at which they are blinking make them appear as if it were the same time.

My sketch:


Working Photo:


Photo of Board, Arduino & Photo of Project in Enclosure:



Three weeks ago, I'd never heard of an arduino or breadboard – much less played around with them. This first project gave me some initial exposure and I enjoyed playing around with the code, breadboard, and arduino. My project is incredibly simple but I’m excited about learning more!