Time Piece from [far & old] East



  Okay so originally I did a time piece using LEDs in hour glass formation shown above….but then I got kinda bored with the thing. 

  I remembered  when I took a trip to Vietnam many summers ago I heard someone chiming a symbol and stroking a drum in the middle of the night!….I found out that the sound was the village time keeper anouncing the time in Chinese zodiac notation. So hear is my ode to mr. one-man-band, batteries included, chime man time keeper guy.

This rough is prototype v1.5.  The next version will have all 12 animals & represent the passing of one full day - ancient analog – digital mash up style. 


dragon cometh [1976, 1988 by the by]




"silly wabbit PIC-Chips are for are for kids" (jp i like pic chips too)


party like an animal!