Toy Fair — Fav Toys

The toy fair was very large and overwhelming. It contained a bunch of dolls and lead-detecting guns for toys. There were not many toys in the electroncs/high tech category. But these are two toys that I enjoyed.


These guys were on the 2nd floor giving a demonstration of their roller blade inspired contraptions. They were wheelin n dealin, but it looked like it required quite a bit of skill, which I did not have. The foot pad also detached so they could be stowed flat, and fit easily inside a book bag. The guy giving the demonstration was weaving his legs and it reminded me of a snake. Not sure how far you could get in these things, but they looked fun, at least for playing around.

They also had a video of this crazy water skipper. You can check out more of their stuff on their site. (At the toy fair there was  a video of a guy wearing a suit, that rides this thing and casually dismounts onto a dock).

USB Controlled Cars


These cones are powered by a usb port. Once you plug them in, they light up and the little man waves. Arranging them in certain ways, dictates the direction of wireless cars that accompany the toy. However, they did not have a brochure for this toy (or that's what they told me), so I only have this pic from my iPhone which, unfortunately, does not show the car. I like the idea that this toy is powered by usb, but this requires that a usb connection be present. Their site is  I couldn't find this toy on their site.

I also found a date.