At Toy Fair 2009

The Toy Fair was fun and interesting. There were lots of interesting toys but not too many hi-tech ones which I was hoping to see. Here's a couple of toys that I found interesting:

BluPLAY – A digital handheld art studio!

Photo 59

This is a portable electronic touch screen art studio that allows children to paint freely on a blank screen or on a coloring page. This seems like the perfect toy for children and includes music playing capabilities,  although it isn't ready to be hooked up to a computer yet. BluePixo had a single prototype on display which has a PIC32 chip under the hood. Joe and me had a long conversation with the creator of this toy. He apparently started working on this product in May 2008 which seems like a short time to have a prototype and a patent. I can see this toy being really popular if the retail price would be lesser than $60 a piece.

SPYKEE – the spy robot

Photo 60
Photo 62

This WiFi robot can be controlled with your computer from anywhere in the world. Besides moving about and looking cool it can take pictures, record video and be programmed to do really tiny things like changing channels on your television. The reamining Spykee range of robots are 3 smaller robots that are made for your ipod and can be controlled by Bluetooth or voice. There's a lot of ipod holding gizmos out there but none that look like a cool robot you can ask to change a song. I wouldn't mind owning one of these.

Oh! I also made a new friend who told me something very funny about Joe and Nick.