[Time Piece] & [Toy Fair09]

I am glad we had the chance to visit toy fair this year.  Thanks Yuri for getting us tickets!
My favorite 2 toys oddly enough, were not electronic.  They were:

4D puzzle of New York – Build NYC as a puzzle in 3D as time [4D] progresses
~ this means from grass to infrastructure, from building to building.
You are instructed to remove the Twin Towers and then go in to the future
where you place in the Freedom Tower.  Its cool to be able to see the
skyline of NYC at difference eras in time. Comes complete with history guide booklet.


Rbit Wheel – Nick posted this up as one of his favorites below.  I really loved the thing.
It really seems so simple to just get on the thing and start skating.  They didn't let
me sample the equipment but it really looks like something you can do without knowing
how to actually skate [roller blades, skates etc.] – which is a huge benefit to kids
that are having a hard time learning how to skate and feel discouraged.  Really
it just looks like a lot more fun than regular skating -  minus the high speed aspect
of roller balding, but I don't think they market would really care too much about that.
[picture posted on Nicks entry]

[time piece] – Okay a huge reason why I am here and a great inspiration for my work is JAMES CLAR he IS the Man.  His works are really clean, simple and CREATIVE.  Below is just one of his
amazing pieces.  Its not high-techy, but that's the beauty of it.  You look at the thing and say
oh….I could make that – but maybe I wouldn't have thought about seeing it in that way~


by the by -  When you have kids one day and they ask for a car…tell 'em you get the a new TOYOTA, then you can give them this instead!