Time pieces


Volume at Victoria and Albert Museum

Volume is a light and sound installation created by Unite Visual Artists and one point six. It responds to human movement.

Bodysnatchers – Zeno Music Visualiser

This is an awesome generative and audio reactive piece created by Glenn Marshall. He has done lots of great work.



OsmoseCharlotte Davies


Osmose is a wearable interface
that immerses the user, referred to as the “driver”, in a virtual world and
plays through a narrative that the user can interact with and experience
“osmotic” transitions. Various gestures made by the user
are interpreted within the virtual simulation.

– Grau, O., 2004. Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion. The MIT Press.

Flock - Mark Grossman


Three large robot arms are entwined and hanging from the
ceiling. Not only do these arms respond to any visitors’ positions, they
communicate with each other in unintelligible machine language.

– Morse, M. 1998. Virtualities : Television, Media Art, and Cyberculture. Indiana University Press.