Student Lecture Sections

Structure:  Void Setup, Void Loop,
Functions:  pinMode, digitalWrite, digitalRead, analogRead, analogWrite,
Syntax:   (semicolon),{} (curly braces),// (single line comment)
/* */ (multi-line)

  HIGH/LOW, INPUT/OUTPUT, true/false,

Arithmetic Operator:
  =, +, -, *, /, %
_____Kristen, Cecilia,___________________2/17/09_
Toggle Switches and Momentary Buttons [Types, Places, Installing]
Control Structure:  Debounce,  If, If…else, For, While, Do While, Break, Continue, Return.
Comparison Operators:  ==,!=, <,>,<=,=>
_3_____Steve, Thai, Bruce_________________2/24/09_
AnalogWrite, PWM, Fading LED's, 

Multiple LED's via PWM, Tri-Color LEDs

Cases, Switch Case, goto

_4_____Ira, Paola, _______________________3/24/09_
Analog I/O
Potentiometers. Faders-From Sparkfun.
Analog Input, Calibration, Fading, Smoothing
POT Control of LED's
_5_____Kristen, Cecila, Joe ________________3/27/09_
IR Sensors,
Calibration, Smoothing,  Control LED and Speaker via IR Sensor

_6____Paola, Ira________________________3/20/09_
Control Speaker via IR sensor, Play Melody

_5.5___Katherine, Myriam ________________3/17/09_
Ultra-Sound Sensors
Calibration, Smoothing
Control LED and Speaker via IR Sensor

_7____Kathrine, Nick, Bruce_______________4/3/09_
Alcohol Sensors
Hardware, Inputting Values, Inputting Values, Control Lights

_8____Steve, Nick, Joe__________________4/10/09_
Capacitance Sensing Library Via Arduino
Code, Reading Values, Controlling LED's and Speakers.