[zodiac clock ideation]

6 variations of the zodiac clock Idea>>>
Proto5 Look/Feel – Soft feel white plastic or bamboo. Mobile unit. 12~14 inches. Rotating projector.
customize projector file at home [thanks Paola for the idea]
Quick solid works mock up to show basic structure.

Role/Audience – All prototypes show in this post are aimed at children who's mothers may like to
-get them a night light
-a artifact that has multiple play purpose( customize, hand puppetry, use imagination here)
-a toy that parents and children can enjoy ( making custom cut outs)
They would be ages 4~10 I would say.  It can be used as home decor if so wished.

Implementation – 3D print school facilities in 2 files bc max size is under 12" sadly. buttons towards the ends with arduin tucked in the back. LED tray in the round tunnel portion which will project in desired
angle towards the wall.

2. Night stand lamp.
Look/Feel – noted in picture.  Main thing is that it functions as both ambient lamp and ceiling clock.
Since you stare at the ceiling at night not the wall so much.

Role – Gives children joy to turn off lights to go to bed after a good book etc. As a practical item, it's
dual functionality means it serves 2 purposed for the parents -  night light and lamp. One less thing to buy right?

Implementation – chip board for main led housing and bamboo for the legs or High quality MDF or Bamboo if that's available (renewable source). See through material cloth wrapped and hot glued.

3. Hanging ambient shade lamp – 3 mode on/off/night light clock


Look/Feel -  Very much like the lamps you can find at ikea with bamboo inner structure/ribbing.  Outside wrapped in an opaque paper or cloth.

shadow projects 360 around the globe.  More than likely mono-color.

Role- Although this aims at the same group, I would say that this maybe used by those who like cutesy/cool/eclectic things.  The dual purpose

here means that it serves as a global light ambient lamp for a good part of the time. It would come with a 20ft. cord so it could really go anywhere

in a room – convenient for tight spaces- like kids rooms usually.

Implementation -  I would probably deconstruct an ikea light and use that structure.  The LEDs would be placed in a pizza like 2-3 inch cylinder. 

I think 4-5 HIGH flux LEDs should do a good job at soft lighting.

4 & 5. Outlet cover night light with safety cover OR mid wall mount.DSC_3094 

Look/Feel -  This is really a basic night light with some clockwork.  About 8 inches.  White plastic most likely.  There will be a slide cover for kids to cut out there

own designs, or slide in color sheets they can buy.  Another possibility is this same prototype but longer as a mid wall linear clock for those who don't really care for nightlight-in-a-socket.

Role – Kids room and Hallways.  You can tell what time it is when you wake up to use the restroom, midnight snack etc. As for the mid wall clock this really could be for any age.  It may be better to use single color so it can go anywhere in the house, not just kids room.

Implementation – This may be a Solid Works printed file if it is wall cover.  If not I would consider using chip board and fashioning a box for this setup w/HIGH FLUX LEDs.

6. Semi traditional wall clock


Look/Feel – flat white front & heavy weight paper.  Roughly 12 inch diameter.

Role – Just the same as above but this clock would be more accurate to time telling since

it will have 2 wheels.  Outer for hours and inner for minutes.  The clock

would not read very well in the day so this is really a bedroom application.

Role -  For the more practical minded person who may question the accuracy of

all of the above instances.  This would be their answer.

Implementation – This one is pretty much straight forward paper front.  The hard part will be

fitting the arduinos in neatly, as I might need 2 units.