Myriam – 7 prototypes


To bring a sense of time with design pieces that imitate life, human actions.

Design 1
The Dying arrow


Design to be displayed on a wall.
look + feel:
Wooden box, with mirrors on the sides to reflect the Leds. All the Leds are red.
The design is easy to carry and hang by the user, and it can be opened to change a component in case of. The size is 6X6 inches, so that it discrete enough on the wall when it is not ON. It is like a frame, a painting hang on the wall. The size is small to recall a holly icon, and intrigue the viewer.
Because it is always hang on one's wall, it needs to look appealing when it is on and off. The buttons added will be the same colors than the piece: silver and red.

In the box is a breadboad and an arduino board. There are holes in the box for a fast programing and to plug the power in.

This code plays 3 different animations with the Leds: 
The dying arrow that turns off the Leds one after the other at different rythms;
The cross that turns off Leds 7 and 9 to make a cross shape in the box;
Light, that on the opposite of the dying arrow, gives birth to the arrow by turning on all the Leds, one after the other.
Design 2
Modern Candles

The candles could have a shaped of religious candles as we know them, or be at the end of their life, all melt down together to create a new form.

The piece is made of white wax, or parafine and Leds. The technology will be mixed with the rich traditional material to create a new shape, evoking life and evolution

Picture 1  Picture 2
Picture 3

As Matthew Barney's pieces form the Cremaster cylce, the mixed media and was are to give birth in our world to a parallel world. The material are awkard and appealing. 

This code make the Leds fade on and off very quickly, giving an aspect of trembling candles, to create emotion and life to the candles.