:::Prototypes::: Role, look and feel and implementation


The prototype is a chandelier inspired by the shapes of crystal formation in nature. The chandelier has yellow (amber) and white lights to provide a warm light that is enough to be able to see in the room, but that is not to bright. The idea is to mimic the kind and brightness of  real candle chandelier.


This prototype creates a light fixtures that resembles a little colony of miniature creatures. According to the time of day the colony changes the color that it emits.

::Role 3::

A children lamp that it tells a story with a simple animation.

::Look and Feel1::

Chandelier made out of velum paper in a shape of crystals. Amber and white lights glow inside to reveal the intricate patterns of a doily fold up in the inside of the paper structure. As the lights goes through the different layer of the doily it casts a series of shadows of different shapes that blend with one another to create complex shapes


:: Look and Feel 2::

Little colony made out of velum paper also in shape of small geodesic domes. Pieces of papers inside with abstract shapes cut out into them


::look and feel 3::

Two layers of circular paper. The layer nearest to the light source has the images of the animations. The second layer contains small vertical slits that due to persistence of vision allow a viewer to see a short animation.


:::Implementation 1:::

The implementation part of the miniature colony project will consist of a series of yellow (amber) and white LEDs getting brighter and dimmer through the use of PWM.