Prototypes: Role, Look & Feel, and Implementation


PROTOTYPE 1: This prototype is an organic looking light that I hope replicates the aesthetic of the ocean. The user will turn the LEDs on and off using a switch. The passage of time in this prototype will be seen by the display of lights and the patterns they make.
The organic looking quality could be achieved by using different types of fabric in the construction of the shell. Varying the exterior of the shell will give a different effect depending on where the light is shining though.

PROTOTYPE 2: This prototype is more organic looking and could either sit on a table or be hung from the ceiling. I feel that my second prototype better fits my intentions of an organic looking light. This prototype uses a turn knob which could be better suited for the user in having control over the passage of time – turn the knob to the right and the lights go faster, turn them to the left and they slow down. I was also interested in the possibility of recording the ocean and having the waves grow louder as the lights blink faster.
This prototype looks similar to a jelly-fish. The "legs" would be made out of different colored string and ribbon. I see this prototype being built using fabric as well.

As far as the implementation is concerned, it really depends on where this piece will be placed. If hung from the ceiling, the LEDs would be contained within the capsule by something like a toilet-paper roll – they would need to be completely self contained. If placed on a desk or dresser, the LEDs would be placed under the capsule and will not need to be completely self contained. As far as the implementation is concerned, the second prototype would be easier to accomplish.