Target User Descriptions

Student – Anna is a 18 year old undergraduate student at Ohio State University. She lives in the dorms and pursues objects that are small, compact and interesting to add some character to her room. She reads blogs normally, so she is aware of the latest trends. She has a HD lcd tv and she is looking for something to place on the wall directly above it. She does not have much room, but she wants something interesting that her friends can play with when they come over.

Tech Geek – Rob is a 37 year old technology guru, he enjoys the
latest gadgets and technology. He prefers a usb or laser pen, as
opposed to a standard writing tool. He enjoys explaining his latest
tech purchases to his friends and his knowledge of how to use the
product. Upon a recent purchase he explores the product and tries to
understand how it works, reading the manual and doing research online.
While the product is still new he promotes the product to friends and
family, but quickly loses his interest as the novelty wears off. Rob
would use the programmable prototype by coding his own messages and
having his friends decode them when they come over.