User testing and scenarios


Lawrence is a 23 year old gamer/game tester and hacker who lives in a
basement apartment. Most of his time is spent in this dimly lit space
play testing first person shooter games. He's also part of a guild on
EverQuest and the guild has a specific time when they perform raids. Lawrence uses the artifact to tell him what time of day it is on the outside and also sets reminders for when he needs to join the EQ server. He loves waking up to the light in the morning and the soft glow helps him sleep at night.

Elise is a 18 old student engaged in tons of social activity. She throws house parties ever so often and always has friends over lounging about. She uses her mood light to augment/enhance these social situations, she especially loves to have it be a disco light at parties.

Clayton is a 27 year old who owns a bar in Willamsburg. He has numerous mood lights installed all over the bar to create an nice ambient atmosphere. He likes that the lights can help change the mood from lounge to p-a-r-t-y lights to just plain old ambient lighting.

User Testing/ Interviews

Number of users: 9
Age group: 23-30
Gender: Male and Female

9 users were presented with the role, look and feel and implementation for all 3 concepts. They were asked for feedback in all 3 areas and asked open ended questions about what they think about the product. The 2nd concept (coaster) was the most popular of the 3. Here's a chart that shows the users preferences.


  Concept 1: Ambient Light Concept 2: Coaster Concept 3: Mood Light
User 1
  • Interesting look and feel.
  • Works for target audience
  • Not really realted to time
  • Light variation based on weight of the cup/glass
  • Condensation from the drink has an effect on the colors
  • Flexible, scalable concept
  • Don't like
User 2
  • Works well for target audience
  • Aesthically pleasing
  • Tells the bartender when drink is low
  • A lot more potential to expand upon
  • Could be in the form of a keychain
  • Could react to sound
User 3
  • One of those things you buy on ThinkGeek
  • Functional, aesthetically pleasing
  • Novelty item
  • More social and means to start a conversation
  • Totally like a lava lamp
  • Can get boring
  • Disposable
User 4
  • Kind of functional
  • Could be weight sensitive, tells you when drink is over
  • Functional
  • Interchangeable with the first one
User 5
  • Could be interesting to use
  • Cold incorporate color temperature to tell the time of day
  • Very personable
  • Organic, welcoming look and feel
  • Poetic look and feel almost like the phases of the sun/moon
  • Interesting social aspect
  • Room for branding
  • Could react to sound
  • Cold look and feel, screams technology
  • Could be a backwards clock
  • Could user laser diodes
  • Could use XML data to be more meaningful
User 6
  • Will it be enough to distract when setting reminders
  • Could be weight sensistive
  • Like the functional and social aspect
  • Cold use edge glow acrylic ot light wires
User 7
  • Pleasing and abstract
  • Perfect for people who are consumed with work
  • Like the aesthetic appeal
  • Users should be able to program the times at which the colors change to afternoon, evening, etc.
  • Change color relative to weight of cup
  • Could be an indicator to the bartender
  • Could react to music
  • Wouldn't want it to be portable
User 8
  • Could be a sphere with foldable legs
  • Activates when someone put their drink on the table and not using a coaster
  • Blue when in use
  • Patterns and colors change depending on number of drinks
  • Users can use their phone to connect with their coaster to get information about their drink
  • Interesting that it's portable
  • A lot of conceptual potential
  • Could project a narrative/animation
User 9
  • Don't like the look and feel. Could be a sphere
  • Functional, more potential to scale
  • Interesting concept
  • Could be controlled with your iphone, Wii motes, etc rather than have switches