User Testing Feedback

The Cocoon Light:




  • When suspended upright, this object looks like grapes or a grape smuggler
  • It is reminiscent of a ball sack, maybe a ball sack in a speedo
  • The stitching is bothersome
  • The variation in the size of the objects inside is pleasing – perhaps explore use of a greater variety of sizes of balls and capsules
  • Would you really use this? It might be construed as a design object for ambient lighting, perhaps something that might be at a design store but otherwise doesn't have a very specific use.
  • It might look a bit tacky for an adult to have displayed if it became clear that the insides were ping-pong balls; you would have to use better materials
  • I like that the light would change when you move the balls around, and that it would change the effect created
  • This object invites touch. It is sensuous and borderline pornographic


The Owl Nightlight:



  • It's cute and squishy and huggable
  • It's not as cool as the lumpy cocoon
  • Will it be safe with all of the electronics inside?
  • It should be portable and battery powered so kids can carry it around
  • Reminds me of an ewok toy I had as a child that played different noises
  • It reminds me of Ugly Dolls but more interactive
  • The LEDs in the eyes are a nice touch, since owls can see at night
  • It should be able to rotate its head 360 degrees really fast and blink its lights
  • Maybe it could be a standing doll and make owl sounds


The Daylight Projector:



  • It's an interesting concept
  • It would be difficult to get all the kern, the trapezium correctly calibrated so it would project straight onto the wall without obstructing space in the middle of the room
  • This screams SkyMall
  • It would require a serious light source to project sufficiently