Myriam – Storyboards and Candles prototypes

My arrow is almost done, and it seemed unuseful to do it bigger for now. We can already see how it would look like by lookiing at the small one, and anyway my concept wouldn't be better if it was big or small.

Having this idea of "modern candles" a few weeks ago, I decided to start building my candles sculpture to check if my concept would work or not.

The candles scultpure are a unique design, it is different everytime, and there wouldn't be a lot of it if it goes on the market. Some will be big, some small, and the candles melted would of course never be the same. Candles is a piece you put on the table of your living room, dining table, on your chimney, to give a special atmosphere and life to your space.

I wanted the candles to be all white, to add a sense of purity. The main idea is the end of the candles and the beginning of the Leds growing in the wax, it is a frozen time piece when the organic meets technology, it is the pure confrontation of tradition and modernity, the representation of human versus machine.

I started by looking if the Leds wouldn't melt or be too heated under the wax, and to see how the effect would be. I tried with an orange Leds, then with all the colors, then white.


I didn't like the colored Leds. Their effect didn't match my expectations so I decided to stick on the  white ones. I enjoyed how the Leds were glowing under the wax.
Then, I started with candles I bought, large ones. I wanted my piece to be long and and I wanted to test it on different materials and heights, so I melted my candles on a transparent piece of plastic to be able to put it later on anything I decided. 
The process of melting them was long, and the wax started to be more and more grey and black. I don't know if it was because I tried to do it faster or because the wax was bad quality.
The candles melting looked nice, but the wax on the bottom looked like snow after three days, all brown and dull.

_G105701  _G105702 

I didn't like the candles themselves as well, they were to large, making the flame dig a whole at the center and not melting nicely.

I needed long and thin candles, such as church candles, that would add more spirituality to my piece, As well, I decided to melt them on a black material, to have to white wax appear more vivid.





Candles Leds from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

StoryboardCandles copie

StoryboardArrow copie