Twitlite is a cube that can be used in 2 ways:

1. A morse code messaging tool:
Users can use Twitlite to interpret their twitter feeds in morse code.


2. Mood light:
Users can place Twitlite in the living room, or any
other room, and let their twitter feed, or any other feed, augment the
ambience of the room.


Look and Feel

Twitlite is a white 4x4x4 cube with soft light emitted from the inside. The Arduino and tri color LED are mounted on the inside. Twitlite can be connected to the computer for internet usage and reprogramming using a USB, or to a power source using and adaptor.

Photo 2


A python program is used to parse the twitter feed. You can change the credentials to use your own twitter feed. The python program parses and sends serial data to the Arduino program which interprets the received binary data, translates that into characters and processes it in the form of morse code. The color of Twitlite changes for each dot or dash with appropriate pauses between dots, dashes and letters.