:::Introducing a narrative :::

:::Look and Feel:::

 I have continue to experiment with the ability of paper, specifically velum, to diffuse light and create a sense of depth through the manipulation of shadow. A parallel process has been experimenting with  the different shapes the piece could take. A while ago,  I came across an amazing book, for any body who builds with paper, titled “Paper Forms”. This book has introduced me to a variety to techniques that allows you to create more structurally complex forms with paper. This prototype integrates one of this techniques and also an element of story telling. In this iteration we can see the appearance of one character. The character is also made out of paper and it is one of the 4 that will be present in the next iteration of this prototype. This characters ideally offer the user an open narrative and a sense of discovery as the light is turned on.

:::lights off:::


“>:::lights on:::


:::The light piece as a light fixture hanging from the ceiling :::

Uno copy