Myriam – Final Prototype “Things will never be the same again”

THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN,The beginning of a new era.

A frozen time when technology is taking over.


Things will never be the same again from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

For the final, I slightly changed my code. I tried different things such as playing the Leds one after the other but it disturbed more the eye than enhanced the "flame" effect. I figured it was too animated for a design in a home, but I would be more accurate if the piece was an big installation in a gallery space.

So I kept them shivering altogether, but I made the movement more subtle. As well, I added a "wind effect": in a random range of 100, every time the number 28 is played, the Leds goes off and back on one after the other as if a sudden wind blew on them.

Here is the new code.

Here  is my reference sheet. I didn't put a price on it because it will be changing depending of the size of the new design.