Breadboarding an Arduino • Luminosphere on 

Posted my original prototype on Etsy.  here's the link:

Luminosphere for Sale – WAY OVERPRICED

I think we all should put our stuff on Etsy!


I also wanted to share this link:

Maybe ITP was the place for me?

If you weren't aware, the brain of the Arduino is just an ATMega168 microcontroller which is sitting in a cradle in the middle of the board. You can pretty easily pop that guy out, and replace it with another identical chip.  Now, the chip DOES have a "bootloader" on it, a small program that allows it to communicate so seamlessly with the Arduino environment. 

Here is why this is so exciting- SparkFun sells the ATMega168 WITH the arduino bootloader already burned, for just $4.95  …. i hope you can see how awesome this is, I am going to be able to bring my $42 Luminosphere down to just $12 with that guy!  You do, however need a 16MHz external crystal (clock) and 2 capacitors, a resistor, as well as a 7805 voltage regulator… so maybe more like $15. But still extremely worth it.  Hope someone finds that useful.  I just ordered a few ATMegas and crystals, if anyone wants to try this out.