Myriam-Theremin like project


For this project, I started building different codes (videos soon online).

The first one, the scale controlled by the ultrasonic sensor is not precise enough. I need to figure out a way to change the average depending on time, so that it can be read every second for example.

I then created 2 musics. One of them is the intro of "the man who sold the world" by David Bowie. 
But I am not going to use a melody for my final project because I think the sound is annoying.
And I prefer people to play around freely with my instrument.

In the end, I made a code where the tone of the music changes with the sensor, and I really liked the sound of it.
Test-tones from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.



For the aspect of my project, I had three different ideas:

One is playing with boxes and controlling rythm and notes with opening and closing them. I like the idea that the "clap" sound of the box closing can be part of the music as well.


The second one is a intrument made of tubes, reminding an orgue or a flute, and that has a holy spirit to it. It can illustrate the magic of playing music with your hand in the air.
The third one, and the one I want to make, is an "inside out" theremin. The idea is revealing the hidden mecanism of the original theremin, using light bulbs as a symbol.
While you pass your hand over it, the light plays music and fades with it.
It is a nice way to visualize the music you're playing as well.