Theremin-Like Project – Kirsten

For this homework assignment, I played around with buttons, speakers, and sensors. I tried using the Max-Sonar sensor but I feel that I get more accurate results from the IR sensor. I have three buttons that each play a specific melody to their own speaker. The IR sensor detects the distance of the user and adjusts the speed of the melody accordingly. If the user is very close to the sensor, the melody is played very slowly. If there is nothing in front of the sensor, the melody is runs through rapidly.



One of my ideas is to create a music box. I would place the board at the bottom of the box and run wires up to the speaker and sensor near the "ballerina." Depending on how close the user is to the sensor, the box will play different tunes.



Another idea is to create a mini toy modeled after an "Ugly Doll." This toy would have a sensor in it's eye and play creepy tunes (like the Theremin) out of it's mouth. The sensor will detect the user's distance and adjust the speed of the music accordingly. The closer the user is to the toy, the slower (and more scary) the monster's sound will be.



My third idea is to create a book that shows the parts of a "mini robot." The robot's head will be the IR sensor, the body will be the speaker, the hands will be buttons that will play two different tunes, and the arms/legs will be ribbon or drawn on the book for decoration. The sensor will control the speed of the tunes – the closer you are to the robot the louder he'll be.


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