Cymatic 3Form Waves


3from Waves is a merging of the 3 types of wave forms in a sound piece. The piece is inspired by the Theremin instrument – typically used in movies and some songs.  The 3 wave forms visualized here are
light waves, sound waves and water waves. A speaker vibrates water in a clear dish according to sound frequencies controlled by a knob&equilizer. Light is projected from underneath so that you can visualize the sound on the ceiling at night or perhaps a revenge of the nerds party? The speaker woofer in this project uses a petri dish like surface that contains liquid. When a sound signal from the Arduino (through amp found in trash!) hits the electromagnetic wires underneath the dish, it causes vibrations (repulsion and attraction from a magnet) and repititave ripple patterns – "cymatics".  The piece is basically the same as any regular speaker without the metal basket, foam surrounds and liquid.  Pictures below.

1. Light  waves which are electromagnetic radiation waves visible to the human eye.
2. Water waves -  micro and macro – water drops, pools,  in sinks etc.
3. Sound waves hitting our ear drums.

Prototype that didnt work out too well, there wasn't enough juice in the Arduino signal to power things up.

One man's trash is another man's geek project

Hacking it

up and running -  Long live Cymatics


basswet floorRipple3

Lights off -  on the ceiling – looks better in person "Are you not entertained" — Maxiums Decimus Meridius