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Robotsonic is a musical interface.
It seeks to create a play space, where through the presence of light and the ability to
manipulate sound, a child can react to his/her imagined play landscape.

The interface consist of:

1. A wrist band with four buttons that trigger different preprogramed sound sequences and
an IR sensor that allows the user to control  the tempo of two of the pre-programed sequences
in real time.

2. A head gear that houses  two speakers.
Robotsonic is inpired by interfaces related to the experience of adventure and discovery
such as an astronout helmet, a diving bell, or robot head.

This cultural reference are  meant to  enriched and enhanced the play experience by suggesting
a narrative. Future interations envision a second interface and the hability toto communicate
from one interface to the other.


Acrylic dome
IR sensor

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