:::Rock star Elmo:::

I found Rock Star Elmo at the Salvation Army on 4th Ave. He has definitely seen better days, and his guitar playing mechanism was broken . Still I was interested to see what he looked like in the inside. Here are the picture from the operation.There is no video available of him rocking out because I realized he was broken once I put new batteries šŸ˜¦

Front with guitar in hand                   Back with battery pack hanging

Picture 1 Picture 2

::Inside of the guitar::
1. giant 8 om speaker compare to those found in new toys
2. ON/OFF button at the top right of the guitar
3. Motor that moves as the music plays

Picture 3

::Close up of motor mechanism::

The plastic disc connects to a plastic rod that Elmo holds in his hand.

As the music plays, this mechanism moves up and down to make it look as though Elmo is playing the chores of the guitar.

Picture 4 Picture 6

Back of the motor with gears and battery pack

Picture 7Picture 8

PC board                                        Dismembered Elmo

Picture 12Picture 10