Myriam – Ideas for a Plush Toy

To begin with, I am interested in making a plush toy for adults and work on the special relationship they will have.

I had two ideas for this:

1. The Barking Dog

Dog copie
The barking dog is a toy you put facing your front door. You can put it on and it will start barking and moving his head to knock on the door to scare off intruders.

It is at the same time a protective and decorative animal to have in your house.

Dog2 copie

2. The Talking Parrot
The parrot is a decorative and friendly stuffed animal made out of real feathers. In your living room, press a button to record a message and play it back. Once every hour, the parrot spread his wings.

Parrot copie

3. The Huggs Bear
My third concept is for both children and adults.
It is a human size flat bear that you can sleep on and that gives you huggs.

Bear copie