Plush Animal Concepts

Nester – Is a baby Lock Ness monster plush.  He keeps guard at night when he hears sounds by turning on his LED eyes – or at the push of a button.  Whenever Nester is near blue or green he flaps his fins and swims off to an ephemeral ocean of enigmatic wonder and mythic adventure that is your child’s imagination …ehem [time 4:46 a.m.].  Nester is sleep time ready for kids 4-8yrs and Kidults 9-80yrs.

Lucky –  the dragon plush – wards off evil night time spirits.  Lucky breaths fire (LED) from his mouth at the push of a button! Monsters will surely not disturb your child resting lest they feel the wrath of Lucky, the baby behemouh dragon-plush monster killer, bed time toy, evil spirit eradicator. Lucky is always looking for is dragon ball, place the ball in his hands and his tail wiggles with joy.  Luck will always be on your child’s bedside!