:::Push Toy concepts:::


Concept 1:::learning anatomy

The second plush idea is to create a human like blob that has words sewn on the fabric that covers its body. The words are the name of different body parts. As a word is pressed, the area of the body that the word corresponds to lights up.

Concept 2:::colony:::

The first concept is to create a colony of little creature. Their
behavior can be really simple for now, but I am particularly interest
how they can change each others behavior by been close to each other or
sending a signal in some way.  I am not quite sure what shape these
guys are going to take they can be little blobs with sweet eyes. They
will grow hungry when you take them away from their environment making
loud noise and vibrating violently while vibrate smoothly, more like a
purr when they are back with their friend and make melodic sounds.

Concept 3:::Sometime you need a little slap

The last concept is a plush that slaps you more or less according to how drunk you are. It uses the mechanism of two motors similar to  Easter bunny ears  that saw during the autopsy to slap you based on the reading that it gets from the  alcohol sensor mounted on his head.