Rough plush concepts

Jousting Centaur

The jousting centaur is built to engage in a joust competition with an opponent. Two pairs of wheels allow him to move forward/backward, turn left/right, which can be controlled with a gamepad. Striking the opponent in the chest earns the centaur points, logs for which are maintained online. He is equipped with a sensor to avoid bumping into obstacles.


Personal cyborg

Personal cyborg is a personable stress relieving device. Print or stick a picture of someone that really gets under your skin, on the encasement. When you're stressed out yell at it! The louder you scream it's eyes start glowing different colors and it starts shaking. It eventually starts crying blood and the eyes explode.


Lemur ninja

The lemur ninja alarm clock does harakiri if you use the snooze function to often. It squirts blood all over the place so you'd better wake up when the alarm goes off.