Plush Beats 

The concept that I am going with for the final project is the plush beat box. This project will take what I have accomplished with our short sound project and push it further, both code-wise and in form factor.

The main unit will contain all the the electronics (speakers, circuitry, buttons) but will not be designed. It will contain two magnetic strips under the fabric which will allow users to swap out fabric "faceplates" or create their own from any material, continuing the theme of inexpensive customization.

The toy will feature 4 speakers (2 large, 2 small) which will be either used together (in alternating form to make beats) or used seperately to play back beats. The controls will consist of mainly soft push buttons, hopefully with either LED feedback or sound feedback. The beat selection will use either  a "hot pot" slide potentiometer (linked below) or a homemade slide capacitance sensor. I would *love* to do the homemade capacitance sensor since it would cut down cost BIG TIME but I think for sake of time and prototyping I may be better off going wtih the slide potentiometer or an available capacitance slide.

View the Potentiometer

Here is a basic schematic for what I want to accomplish. Colors aren't there just shape layout, it still needs to be designed but I'm more concerned with getting the usability down first. I'd also like to possibly do at least 2 different faceplates for it, using inkjet fabric prints as a stand in for silk screening…