SOBEaR is the perfect product for anyone who has trouble knowing their limits while consuming spirits and liquors.  The user approaches the bear, and places their cup in between SOBEaR's legs. This activates the alcohol sensor which is located at his nose (an LED indicates this).  The user then blows into SOBEaR's nose (as if blowing him a kiss, because he's that cute) and the Meter below displays the user's current consumption status.  SOBEaR then calculates how much the user should continue to drink. If he determines that you are as sober as he is, he will pour a stiff drink (a healthy ratio of alcohol to non-alcohol). If SOBEaR decides you are well over your limit, he will perhaps be pouring you a glass of tonic water (or OJ, cranberry, soda, your choice). 


2 servo motors pour drinks.  a simple button/softswitch/short range IR to detect the cup. 6 LEDs for drunk-meter.  PERHAPS a DC gearmotor to STIR the beverage after pouring…. need to think on this.

Essentially a biofeedback machine, SOBEaR uses real-time biometric data to control/determine the user's experience to which they are entrusting SOBEaR.