Myriam – The sound of dancing – Prototypes

1. Role
The sound of dancing is an experiment to enhance the sounds of dancers as they are performing. The sounds become the music of the show, and a perpetual dialogue is built in live while the dancers dance on their own sounds.

2. Look+Feel
I will be transforming the existing costumes of the performance to integrate the hardware in it.

For Michelle, I will add fabric on top of the head structure as it was originally planned, and diffuse light in it. The light will fade in and out with the sound of her breathing, creating an organic balloon character for the play. The balloon will visualize her current state.


Some conductive paper will be added to her corset and to Zack's jacket, to be used as switches to turn the microphones on and off. They will be triggered by the dancing, and the performance would evolve around them.

The look+feel part is subject to change depending on the Role.
The microphones need to be tested out to figure out the most interesting part of the body to put them on.

3. Role

I didn't figure out the role yet.
I want each dancer to have one arduino and two microphones.
Only Michelle will have and Led.

Playing sound with arduino is harder than I thought it would be.

I found three solutions to make my project:

                1. I can hook up a multiplexer, connected to amplifiers and microphones to have a good and loud sound. The multiplexer will turn microphones on or off depending on the value of the capacitive sensing.
I will use the mini amplifier LM386, but I don't know which multiplexer to use yet.

                2. I can use the Arduino Voice Shield, but it is mainly to record and play back sounds. It also has only one mic input. I could use a splitter but it will play both microphones at the same time. I need each microphone to be triggered seperately, with different switches.

                3. I could make a switch system to be opened or closed depending on the value of the capacitive sensing. The microphones would be directly connected to the speakers, responding to the switch state.