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  • breegeek 11:47 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Three Thingies 

    Here are my 3 robots.

    Now that I got WP working…

  • Alvaro Soto 10:34 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Blue Sky Ideas for a loyal companion 


    Smellysock would be great for kids and adults would love it too. I am imagining a smelly sock that you could put in your underwear drawers and help the odors go away. Smelly sock is activated with a small amount of light and helps you find that pair of socks you cant find most of the time. But you should be good to smelly sock as well, she likes her ears to be pressed and that way you make everything fresher inside her smelly home.


    I never had the opportunity to to dissect a frog when I was a kid so the idea of having a cute Froggylab its amazing to me. Now that Im a big boy I like to play with good knives in the kitchen, but I always forget to put the knife back in its place after washing it. So there is where this Froggylab can help you. she hasnt died yet and like in all the movies it hurts when you take the the weapon out of the stomach. So don’t do that for a long time to froggylab because it will hurt her. She might sing, scream, light up.. who knows. but definitely, she will let you know is no good to do that to her.


    They are a couple and they cant be away from each other. one will sing when its time for more hot water or its grose inside for you to drink. You must keep them united though. because they are a very dependent crazy couple

  • catherine 10:25 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Project Concepts 

    My friends have yet to be name. 😦

    Concept one: Do you think you have had enough too drink? This plush keychain friend has a built in breathalyzer. He will yell at you when you are almost/are too drunk. All you have to do is kiss him.

    Concept two: Are you afraid of the dark? This plush will serve as a night light! It lights up when the room gets dark and matches your heart beat for a soothing night of sleep. This friend will give you the best sleep ever!

    Concept three: Are you lonely? When you hug this plush, he lights up and vibrate for that human feel. Simply touch him and he’ll go crazy with love. If you leave him too long, he’ll whine.



  • hilalkoyuncu 9:43 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  


    For my companion project I have three characters: the wingman, mini-me and the yogi.

    The wingman:

    The wingman goes out with the user to bars and helps her/him pick up boys/girls.

    The user will be wearing a wrist band that has a GSR which will communicate with the wingman and let him/her know that the user is psychologically and/or physiologically aroused. The hall effect sensor on the wingman will determine if there are any people close to the user when GSR is on, if there aren’t people around it will make flirty noises and lights to draw attention to the user.

    Light sensor will help the wingman to be louder/ more aggressive with its audio/visual responses assuming that the user is in a dark and loud place (a club) to draw attention more effectively.

    The wingman will stop interacting once the proper proximity between the user and a person is achieved.


    Mini-me is a clone of the user, it experiences what the user experiences physically and responds to the user depending on how the user treats her/his body.

    Mini-me has a motion detector and a light sensor and he/she sits on the user’s bed to determine the sleep cycle of the user.

    The user is wearing a bracelet that has a pulse sensor and a smoke detector to detect wether the user smokes and exercises.

    When the user comes home the data from the bracelet will be transfered to mini-me via a wireless connection.

    Depending on how the user treated her/his self mini me posts a status update about the user/ itself(since its a mini version of the user:) on facebook.

    The Yogi:

    The  user will be wearing a belt with a flex sensor and a bracelet with a pulse sensor or a GSR.

    The flex sensor is in charge of determining if the user’s spine is upright, to establish a good flow of energy throughout the body. The pulse montior/ GSR will determine if the user is in a calm state and is breathing correctly.

    The yogi has a light sensor  this will alert the user to dim the light to create a better ambience for meditation and it will go off again to alert the user that the meditation is over .

    The yogi will give the user directions for her/him to keep a nice spine and to breath properly to achieve a good meditative state.

    The yogi will respond with sound only.

  • scottpeterman 9:14 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Three Critters 

    Cabinet Guy


    Cabinet Guy is a small bot. He has two big eyes, one of which is a photocell. He also has a big, cheap speaker for a mouth. He’s kind of the digital equivalent of a Honker:

    (More …)

  • thisisvictorkim 9:00 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    User Scenarios 

    Idea one would be a Boot attached to your ceiling that would detect an increase in sound/vibration coming from your upstairs neighbor.  when your neighbor leaves their music on a loud volume for a period of time the boot kicks the ceiling.  conversley there would be sensor attached to your floor that would sense taps coming from your downstairs neighbor.  once these taps are sensed the sensor tells your speakers to TURN IT UP.  neighbor calls landlord, you get evicted.  I feel like the vibration and taps can be detecte using perhaps a force or perhaps motion sensor in conjunction with a microphone.

    Idea two is a motion sensor you attach to your feet and to your dog, sort of like a pedometer to detect how much you’ve traveled in a day and compares it to how much your dog has traveled in a day.  at the end of the day you and your best friend check your stats and the winner gets a treat.

    Dr Love Bug helps you set the mood when it’s time to get intimate.  Scenario would be you meet someone you want to have a one night stand with at the discotheque, take them home, and turn on some warm colored lamps as mood lighting.  Dr Love Bug senses this change in light using photocell and color sensors and locks your door, pulls down the shades, and turns on some Marvin Gaye. oooooh babayyyyy!

  • Thom Hines 8:59 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Sensor-Based Roommates 

    As part of our mid-term projects, we were tasked with creating three creatures that could live in our houses and fit into our lives. They had to use a sensor (including at least one photoresistor), and they had to encapsulate at least some aspects of what defines a living creature. Here are the three I’m came up with.

    Hey Tony!

    Hey Tony!


    The idea came to me after thinking about having a creature around the house that could help me find stuff that I occasionally lose. Things like keys and remotes were obvious examples. When I saw there was an IR sensor that could be paired with remote controls, it seemed a natural fit, until I realized that you need to use the remote in order to trigger the sensor. From there, I thought, maybe he could just let you know when you’ve already found it, which seemed kind of comical and fun.

    Tony sits by the TV, and if you lose the remote, you tell him. He’ll let you know he hasn’t seen it. However, the next time a remote is used again in his directly, he’ll kindly let you know that you’ve found your remote!




    Grumps is a little critter that lives in your medicine cabinet. He lives there because he is a neurotic hypochondriac, and he likes to be close to his meds. However, locked away in his little apartment, he often falls asleep and forgets that what he is living in is essentially a cantilevered cliff dwelling, and that everyday when you open the medicine cabinet, he gets startled and freaks out, since he is also afraid of heights. For a few seconds, he proceeds to thrash about wildly, trying to grab onto anything that would keep him from falling to his death, until he finally calms down and remembers that he is still alive and in his home.

    At first, I just wanted to make a creature that threw temper tantrums when you woke him up, but his story quickly evolved when I realized what kind of guy he would have to be to live in the medicine cabinet, and how traumatic that could be if you were woken that way.



    I have a dog at home, and a big part of having a roommate that I would actually enjoy having around the house, can basically be summed up in a lot of ways by my dog. He basically just wants to be involved in everything going on in home, but he doesn’t require all the effort of keeping up conversation or any social pressure. CopyCat will basically follow you around, speak when people are talking, and get drunk when you are (alcohol sensor), but he never really requires your attention. If you ignore him, he’ll still do his thing, and when he does, it just reinforces how important your actions are. It feels comforting.

  • Chris Piuggi 8:22 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Blue Sky Concepts | Creatures that live with you 

    In approaching this challenge I began not by thinking about the creature but about the problem, my thought was that any of these ideas below could be persued and could be incorporated into a creature, be it a bird, bat, monster, or invented type of creature. I found it easier to approach the problem solving first in order to not lose sight of the need in someones life rather than the narrative of the creatures.


    Vaccum Pet

    Vacuum Pet would be a creature who enjoys the light and dark equally. Most of all he loves consistency. Vacuum Pet would charge up in the light, while the vacuum is in use, and then rest in your closet for a week. As you build a schedule vacuum bug would sync into it, and begin to grow unhappy if your vacuuming cycles became less frequent.


    These next two concepts don’t quite have the creature in them yet but
    I feel it could be developed with any creature in mind.


    Kitchen Friend


    Sunshine Helpers

    Sunshine helpers would be a troop of magically inclined creatures who love the sun, and want to share their love of sunshine with you. Sunshine helpers would attach to your blinds and take readings of the amount of sunlight coming into your window. In the morning your blinds will open up bright, and in the evening/dusk they will close, allowing the maximum sunlight to enter you home each day.

  • Oylum 7:38 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    3 ideas 

    “Welcome Home Mood Creator”

    I hate the feeling when I come home and it’s all dark, lonely, without any sign of life, except for the possibility of a hidden mice or a thief that I wont see until I turn on that room’s light. So, I decided to make a Welcome Home Mood Creator which will sit on my wall beside front door. It will have a light sensor that detects sudden light-up condition. Then, it will send signals to the lamp in the living room and the bedroom. They will light up, with lovely mixture of colors and a warm welcoming song out of the speakers. If I want to turn them off, I’ll go to my mood creator and cover the light sensor with my finger for a while. Everything will fade out in ease.

    PS. It might have and additional function. It might send me a text message whenever it is activated, so that I’ll know if anyone breaks into my house from the front door. Or I’ll place is so well that it will both detect the light coming from the door, or a flashlight walking around.

    “Kitty Katty”

    A plush cat, that is awake only when we are awake. Wants a hug if not touched for a while. Sleeps and purrs if you hug for a long time. This was my dream cat after my crazy monster cat that I had to live with for 6 years. And my dreams now might come true.

    It will use a light sensor to be awake or to sleep. A pulse sensor or vibration, a pressure sensor to detect hugs and a speaker.

    “Sensitive Pillow”

    My husband loves to sleep hugging a pillow, a huge one, but I hate it cause when the room gets hot he throws it on top of me. Every night, I sleep with a husband and a giant pillow that takes almost half of my queen size bed. So, I imagined a pillow that swells when someone hugs it but shrinks when there’s no one hugging it. It might have a built in alarm clock and a pulse sensor, so that it can vibrate to wake us up in the morning.

  • Lee 6:34 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Three housemates 

    OM-NOM Garbage Can
    OM-NOM has two LED eyes, a speaker, motion sensor, and is activated by a flex sensor.

    When the lid/mouth starts to open he growls hungrily and his eye’s blink crazily.

    If the mouth stays open and nothing is placed inside he makes OM… OM… noise begging for food/garbage. His eyes blink each time he makes an OM noise.

    a motion sensor detects when an item is placed inside and then OM-NOM enjoys his food/garbage. OmNomNomNomNom, and his eyes blinking repeatedly.

    He’ll continue OmNomNomNom’ing for a little while after the lid is closed.

    Soap-O has a force sensor, green & blue LED’s and speaker.

    Soap-O hangs out in your shower and holds your soap. When you pick up the soap, Soap-O gets excited, makes a happy noise and his eyes light up green and he starts strobing with blue color.

    When you place the soap back on Soap-O he makes a thank you noise and blinks his green eyes a couple of times.

    WoooDude uses a light sensor, motion sensor, has RGB LED’s and a speaker.

    WoooDude chills out in your cabinet and gets super stoked when you visit him. He’ll make a super happy “HELLO!” noise then strobe different colors and make some happy noises.

    When you put something in or take something out of a cabinet, he thinks that’s pretty awesome and will congratulate you and blink his colors on and off.

    When you close the cabinet again he gets kinda bummed and makes sad “awwww” noise.

  • lpercifield 4:25 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    My Three Creatures 

    These are the three creatures that I came up with. After thinking about and sketching them, I really want to make them all!

  • minho 7:01 am on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    3 companion ideas 

  • andywallace 6:26 am on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Three ideas for life-like machines 


    1. Cabinet Friend

    Cabinet friend lives inside your bathroom cabinet. He greets you when you open the door, and will generally coo while you are around, but he is also a very curious fellow. If you take a pill bottle or anything else from a the shelf he can see, he will tilt his head to look at it with interest. When the door is closed it can gesture goodbye.

    This could be accomplished by using an IR scanner to get the distance of each item while the person is away and comparing it to the distances when the person is using it. Obviously, this would require a few servos to control the IR scanner and the head.


    2. Fruit Friend

    Fruit Friend likes to hang out in the fruit drawer of your refrigerator. He loves fruit but he also loves company. He can sense when the fridge is open based on the light, and will cry if he has not been visited in a while. If you open the fruit, drawer, though, he will be happy and will offer you a piece of fruit. To help remind you to eat more fruit, you should put the next piece of fruit in his hands so he can offer it to you next time you open the fridge. If you have no fruit and leave him empty handed, he will cry more often, reminding you to get some.


    3. Door Friend

    Door Friend loves to swing on the door. He loves it when people open and close the door and squeals with excitement  when he gets to ride on a swinging door. Of all of these creatures, he is the youngest, and his emotions can be somewhat fickle. If you close or open the door too slowly he’ll get bored, but if you slam the door, he will become scared.

    Door friend would use an accelerometer to tell how fast he is going.


    General Vision

    I see of all these little creatures being somewhat simian in nature, and of course somewhat adorable. They are all playful, and need to have the user want to keep them around, so cute helps. Think baby lemur:

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