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  • Alvaro Soto 11:08 pm on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    busy club Bathroom 


  • scottpeterman 11:07 pm on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Bathroom Duck 

    So this was quite a struggle! First couldn’t get api mode to work, then got it working with two arduinos and managed to fry one of them! But finally got it up and running. The duck lives in the bathroom and sends a signal to the alertbox (an old 60s clock) if the bathroom is occupied.
    duck sensor wiring
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  • minho 8:32 pm on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Dog Bowl Monitor 

    (More …)

  • hilalkoyuncu 6:58 pm on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Bathroom Psychic & Towel Spy 

    My devices were supposed to look a little different but I thought I could communicate the same idea with other alternatives.

    My  devices are the bathroom psychic who could tell by the (temperature, light and time) what kinds of activities are going on inside the bathroom. Both devices communicate the information with both visual and auditory feedback.

    The bathroom unit is the Towel Spy, he kind of “hangs” in the bathroom an keeps an eye on what’s going on.

    Both devices have buzzers. Additionally, the psychic has a push button  to set off the buzzer on the towel, this can be used if the user is in a hurry to get in the bathroom.  The buzzer on the psychic is an auditory feedback to let the user know that the bathroom  is vacant.

    I borrowed the facial expressions from Andy and Min Ho’s “fridge friends” since I didn’t have enough time to create the ones that I planned to have.

    Please watch the case study video and please do not make fun of my acting skills:)


    Bathroom Psychic—-

    Towel Spy——-


    Vimeo is being crazy so here is a youtube link:



  • Lee 2:53 pm on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Bathroom Monitor – Lee 

    So this project is more of an exercise than a creative endeavor. I have 2 xbees, a couple photo resistors, LED’s and a servo. What can I make with that?

    I really focused in on the servo because it’s been in my toolkit for months and I’d yet to use it to actually make something move. This sparked the idea of analog public bathroom occupied signs. Now I know there’s no practical reason those switches should ever be replaced with digital wireless technology, that’s some crazy overkill, but the idea of making one of those analog style rollover signs seemed like an interesting exercise. I set about figuring out how something like that would work.

    First I looked into what kind of range my servo had because that would determine to a great extent the limitations of the design. The spec sheet says 90 degrees, but I found it could do about 110 degrees, I decided to split the difference and make my window 100 degrees.

    Next I choose an enclosure and measured the workable space I’d have and scaled my cutout window to it and then that determined how large the rotating sign could be. When the sign is vacant the hidden occupied portion needs to clear side and bottom of the enclosure.

    Now it was just a matter of building my circuits.

    At this point I decided to add some LED indicators as well in case the lights were off / could act as an ambient notification. It was time to test it out.

    and testing out the range.

    and my girlfriend though it was funny as well.

  • breegeek 6:53 am on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Casing for the simple lights-on sensor 

    Here is a super simple casing for the “lights-on/off” sensor system for bathroom occupancy…

    I imagine it in a frat house somewhere.

  • breegeek 6:34 am on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    After working on the very simple premise of making a photo-resistor-dependent thingamagig, I seem to have killed my Xbee. I have NO idea how it happened, but Xctu can no longer talk to it :(.  I am at a loss as to what killed it, but I am suspecting my bad luck lately with these things.

    It might, of course, be his fault…

  • Behnaz Babazadeh 1:37 am on March 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Bathroom Occupancy Monitor 

    My roommate is always frustrated with the rest of us making it into the bathroom before she does. Here is a remote bathroom occupancy system that can keep her in bed and happy. By utilizing the romantic light sensor workshop from last week, I was able to achieve the wireless communication between my two Xbees. The router is in a soup container placed inside of the bathroom and the coordinator is in a box by her bed side with two icon lights that allow her to know if the person has left, is only using for 5 min or for longer (taking a shower).

    (More …)

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