Data logging and visualizing temperature

Second iteration. Now the data is logged and saved to text files for visualizing later and I’ve experimented with a circular graph. Temperature is sample and averaged over half hour periods, so each day has 48 samples. Unfortunately over the past week I haven’t been in one place for too terribly long, so I’ve only been able to successfully log one 24 hour period.

This Friday March 18th I was in Martinsville VA and it was unseasonably warm, I managed to log data from around 11:30 AM through the rest of the day.

I was still in VA on the 19th, but left in the early afternoon driving back to Jersey City NJ. I managed to log data from around midnight to noon. Once back at home in JC I setup the sensors around 10PM.

Finally on the 20th I was able to capture a full 24 hour cycle and the weather was a lot colder than previous days.

I would still like to add more to this program, like rollovers for each section so times and temps aren’t always displayed. I would also like to add time of day cycle icon/animation sunrise/sunset/moon rise/moon set etc. I’d like to revise the look and function of this circular style chart more as well.