6 ideas

Idea #1
H.U.D. for Motorcycle Helemets
A HUD system for displaying vital information on the visor of a motorcycle helmet. Instrument panels on motorcycles are by and large placed low around the triple tree. In order for a motorcyclist to monitor his speed or RPM’s he needs to take his eyes off the road ahead of him/her and quite literally look down. Always having this information within a riders field of vision will cause less distraction, allow riders to be more conscious of their speed and allow one to focus entirely on the road. Additionally it will also encourage the use of full face helmets.

Idea #2
Wearable Environmental Quality Monitor
A wearable object which could provide ambient information about the quality of the environment a user is in. Preferable it’d be in the form factor of a watch or wristband that would change color based upon sensor input and strobe if levels were dangerous. When a user wants they could upload the data to a computer for an in depth analysis of their exposure.

idea #3
OmNom Recycling System
Anthropomorphized smart recycling containers which talk to each other and your computer. Each container has a personality and lets you know it appreciates it when you feed them and will alert you when they’re full and need emptying. They’ll communicate wirelessly with your computer and tell you what you’ve been recycling and how much they appreciate it.

idea #4
Ambient Navigation System
Device you wear which navigates a user by providing directional feedback in the form of vibration or other stimulus. Ideally it’d be in the form a bracelet/wristband that would buzz on top for straight on the left side for left, right etc. This would allow for users to follow turn by turn directions without needing to stare at their devices instead of watching where they’re going.

idea #5
Automatic Motorcycle 911
Motorcycles are extraordinarily fun, but they are more dangerous than other forms of transportation and if a rider crashes and is alone he may not be able to physically retrieve or dial his cell phone. This device would dial 911 automatically and provide GPS coordinates of the riders location in the event of a crash.

idea #6
Radio Spectrum Visualizer
Somehow detect and map all spectrum of radio waves in a specfic area and visualize the strength and type overlayed a live image. This is to help people understand the massive ammount of radio / electromagnetic radiation we’re constantly bombarded with.

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