CMS Progress

After a bit more research, talking with classmates, and a bit of soul-searching, I’ve decided on a role that seems practical and purposeful. It also happens to be the reason I first thought of making this: my CMS will be the easiest way to make a plain, static HTML site into one that is dynamic and easy to edit. It is intended for people who are more comfortable with HTML than with PHP and MySQL, for people who already have a static site but are tired of relying on their web designer to make changes, and for those web designers who want to make a simple site for a client without having to convert their work into a theme for some CMS.

As a professional web designer, there have been many times where I just wanted to make a site as quickly as possible and get it out the door. Unfortunately, taking shortcuts early on almost always meant that I would be called on for months or years after to update content on several different pages, and almost always at the most inconvenient times. The entire reason I got into writing server-side code and learning databases, and later getting into WordPress, was because I was tired of having these long-term dependencies with clients. Unfortunately, a CMS does not come without its own overhead.

This take on data management has been touched on by other CMSs, so clearly there is a perceived need for this. Flat-file CMSs, such as phpCMS, RazorCMs and Pluck, store all of their data in files on the server to get around using a database, and others like CushyCMS and Pulse work with straight HTML to store and manipulate the content. The main thing that divides these two groupings are that all the CMSs that I’ve found that allow for direct editing of the HTML reside on a hosted server, and as such, remove a lot of control from the user and require a fee to use the service. Furthermore, by only having remote server-to-server access, it seems that the amount of control that CMS can give is very limited.

So, seeing a need in the market and an area where I can expand and improve over the competition, I’ve pushed forward with my work on the site. I have a long list of things I need to do to get where I want it to be, but for now, I have created the ability to login and edit HTML files on the server. My next goals are image management and CMS installation. The highest priority for me is that this CMS this is as easy as possible for any user, especially for those who want the simplest experience possible.

test site login page
user: admin
p/w: pass

After you log in, you will be redirected to the test site.