Prior Art and Orderred Parts


This project is just amazing and makes great use of physical object t control sound.


Another, more intuitive/easy to use sequencer that uses physical objects as parameters for the sound.

Balls for iPhone:

Obviously not the interaction I’m looking for, but the sound is really great.

Also, over the weekend, I was able to speak with Tracy Gromek, who created smart balls as part of her thesis project. She used IR sensors as a way of determining the balls location, so I suspect I will do the same as it seems to be an effective and inexpensive way of accomplishing that goal. She agreed to show me her work, which should prove extremely valuable in developing my project.

And on that note, I placed an order with Spark Fun for the IR LEDs and a few types of IR receivers as well as gyroscopes, accelerometers and a few other gadgets so I can test out the different sorst of data I can get form the balls. Also coming to my apartment via Amazon are varied types of foam and styrofoam balls to start playing with.

Once everything arrives I want to build some balls and see what kind of info I get from the various sensors since that may well shape what kind of feedback I want to use to generate the sounds.