Whole New Mini-Thesis-Flatliner-V2

I decided that my energy project will take more time than we were given so I will be continuing it in the summer.

My alternative idea was to design one of my blue sky ideas, the wingman which requires biofeedback.

I have been working on making all kinds of biosensors this weekend, the problem with them is that the resolution is pretty low and it will take me a long time to fine tune them. Hence that project will have to be completed later in the summer as well.

My final decision for my mini thesis is to enhance a little toy I made earlier in the semester.

I called it the flatliner because it’s heart stops very frequently. The user has to give the toy a heart massage to get him to come back to life. here is a demo video:


All the user tests that I ran on this toy were very succesful, the users were engaged and interested.

I would like to add more sensors and feedback mechanisms to this toy in order to make it even more interactive.

I will be creating a patient character who will exibit various symptoms such as; head aches; seizures, heart arrythmia,stomach aches, fever, bleeding etc.

The user will be provided with a set of tools such as; a the

rmometer, a stethoscope to be able to diagnose the patient.

The user will also be alerted by a vitals monitor and a pager.

Depending on the symptoms the user will treat the patients with medication, via a syringe and other tools.

The goal of this project is educating the user on health via entertainment.  The target users would range from 9-12.(subject to change)

Here is some prior art;


Role playing games are very entertaining and engaging to children. I am hoping to achieve this effect with my design.

Here is a picture to demo look and feel for the toy:


and the accessories:


These are the parts that I will to implement it:

This is my whole new domain map: