Tilt Switch in a Can, great for a few of you.

Lee, if you want to see if lid is “open or closed”, these are great.
Scott, if you want to see a finger tilted or not, these are great.  You’ll like their “rolling ball” build.
Andy, these can give you many axis’s, as we discussed in meeting. With 6, and the right snappy code, they can give you a lot of gesture awareness.

These are the “Rolling-Ball” Tilt Switches (not sensors). They are little canisters that have been around since the 30’s (in slightly larger sizes).  They map to physical motion very well. They are binary, on or off, and make for easy coding and a responsive interface.  If you use 3 of them you get 3 axis’s of motion.  If you use 6, likewise you get more axis’s, and/or very hi-res readings.  They are ~$1-2 in cost.  I know you are going to want them, even if you don’t use them in your first implementation prototypes.  So it might be good get a small order for them in process now.