Plausibility Tests

Today I ran a series of tests to see where the technology might be limited in and/or if it is completely plausible.

Here I experimented with the possibility of incorporating illustration board into the novelty cards to give shape and structure. The alloy was able to move the pieces, however the shape was a little distorted. I believe I can achieve the right type of interaction with the use of several alloys on each corner.


Part of a series of experimentation of how shape memory alloys react with in the oven and at what temperature. This alloy was placed inside of a conventional oven at 150 degrees. The alloy went from a stretched state at 3 inches to its compressed memory state at 1 inch, all in just one minute in this oven.


Conclusion | I can definitely use shape memory alloys as the technology to change flat shapes into 3 dimensional shapes with in the convenience of a standard home oven.