Project Schedule

Today is 4/12
The final project is due 5/9
giving me roughly 4 weeks

Thursday 4/14
-Create sounds using gyroscope
-recognize impacts
-single pitch, volume based on velocity
-Have people play with this

Monday   4/18
-Have the balls sense distance to other balls
-research molds and other ways of creating the balls

Thursday 4/21
-Have 3 working balls, that make sound.
-have interchangeable set of behaviors for the balls
-Have lots of people play with these

Monday   4/25
-Refine balls based on the feedback
-have a more specific idea of the final look/feel of the balls
-behavior for pitch bending ball and memory ball
-final parts order
-keep testing

Thursday 4/28
-develop final look of the balls
-Have at least one finished looking ball
-keep testing

Monday   5/2
-Iterate based on feedback
-develop alternate sound sets
-keep testing

Thursday 5/5
-have 5 or 6 finished balls
-final touches

Monday   5/9

Thursday 5/12